Older Cat Practically Packs Himself Up To Leave Shelter With New Owner

It took 10 years for Benny to find a home so, yeah, he was ready to go.

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Benny is pretty pleased with himself for finding the perfect person. Via LoogaBeluga/Reddit
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Remember when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were a celeb couple so beloved, they had a nickname? Well that was 14 years ago, when the term “Bennifer” entered our vocab. A few years later, a sweet ginger-and-white kitty with the same name was dropped off at a shelter.

Now, after 10 long years, Bennifer has finally found a home. His new owner recently came to the shelter looking for her perfect partner and found him there, according to a post she wrote on Reddit under the user name LoogaBeluga. Benny, as he was soon renamed, was so ready to go after a decade at the shelter that he wasted no time in befriending her.

Happy blep. Via LoogaBeluga/Reddit

“Benny came over and forcibly climbed on one of my thighs and just loafed there,” Benny’s new owner, identified only by her user name, told Love Meow.

Benny was only 1 year old when he went into the shelter, so he had been patiently waiting for this exact moment of finding his special person.

His new owner said she’d take him, and a shelter worker drew up the paperwork. When they put together the travel box to pack up the lucky kitty, the shelter worker said that could be the hardest part. For some cats, maybe.

All settled in and feeling relaxed. Via LoogaBeluga/Reddit

“As she was saying that he jumped right in,” LoogaBeluga told the news outlet. He was clearly ready.

Benny is FIV+ but in very good health otherwise. Cats with this condition can live a healthy, happy and long life. Despite his age and condition, he’s destined for contentment in his new home.

“He’s doing great these days,” his owner told the website. “He’s snuggly and talkative and has such a sweet disposition. He loves ‘making biscuits’ on blankets and sitting on his perch near the window.”

All it takes is the right person to come along and change your life for the better. Sometimes, it’s worth the wait.

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