Ohio Zoo Needs Help Finding Bird

The blue-and-gold macaw flew away during a training session for one of the zoo? shows.

If you live in the Columbus, Ohio area, be on the lookout for a blue-and-gold macaw that flew away from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Thursday afternoon. The bird was in the midst of training at the zoo? Animals On Safari show area, which is held in an open-air amphitheater, when it flew away.

Zoo staff extensively searched the grounds, but to no avail. A spokesperson for the zoo, Patty Peters, told The Columbus Dispatch that other birds have flown off to nearby trees, but the zoo has “never had one in recent memory that left the zoo grounds.?lt;/span>

Peters added that while the macaw can survive the summer, it cannot survive a winter in central Ohio.

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is asking that if you see the bird, contact its security team at (614) 563-8608.

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