Oh, You Put In a Cat Door? Because I Think I Will Simply Use the Handle.

Between a doorknob and a cat door, this cat chooses the only civilized option when considering how to enter the home.

Wanting to allow his cat, Philo, the freedom to come and go from the house as he pleases, one cat owner spent an entire day installing a cat door. Philo the cat? Eh, not impressed. When prompted to take his new door for a spin, Philo promptly shut his master down, standing up on his hind legs, grabbing the door handle, and entering the house human style – never so much as batting an eye at his personal entranceway.

The video, entitled “Epic Cat Door Fail,” has received more than 692,000 views since its Aug. 18 upload. We suspect many of those viewers are cat owners who can empathize with Philo’s human – after all, impressing cats is hard!

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