Scared Dog Finally Rescued After Spending 5 Days Trapped On Icy Reservoir

The dog had ran away from rescuers for five days until she had no choice but to let herself be saved.

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Officers hold Sadie after she was pulled from the icy waters of the Deer Creek Reservoir. Via Utah County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

For five long days, a dog named Sadie was trapped on the ice at Deer Creek Reservoir in Wasatch County, Utah, despite the best efforts of the state’s Division of Wildlife Resources and the Sheriff’s Office.

She escaped from her owner’s nearby home and, although rescuers could see her on the frozen water, she ran away every time they attempted to approach her. That continued for five frustrating days until Sadie fell through the ice — and that very well could’ve saved her life.

With Sadie unable to run from her would-be rescuers, some brave officers from the Utah County Sheriff’s department launched an airboat and were finally, finally able to reach her.

Dog Rescue at Deer Creek ReservoirThe Utah County Sheriff’s Office was asked to assist DNR in Wasatch County in rescuing a Dog on Deer Creek Reservoir that had been stuck on the ice since Monday (5 days). Hats off to volunteer Toby Norton for making the perfect grab. We love our volunteers with Utah County Search and Rescue! (and our Air Boat ha ha) Dog is doing great!!! Please visit our Facebook page for more video and photos.

Posted by Utah County Sheriff’s Office on Friday, 4 March 2016

Despite the successful rescue, the officers faced some criticism for the length of time that Sadie was left on the ice. In a Facebook post, the Sheriff’s Office explained that Sadie was probably confused and frightened, which made her skittish when she was approached.

“When a dog is in an unfamiliar situation like this, it can be very difficult to capture it,” the post read. “In these kinds of circumstances, a dog will often run from even the owners with whom it is most familiar.” In addition, the department explained that, as helpful as those airboats can be, they’re also loud, which undoubtedly added to Sadie’s anxiety.

We’re just relieved that she’s home and safe — and that the officers didn’t stop in their efforts to save her.

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