Office Space, with Cats

Outfit your home office to accommodate your work habits ? and your cat.

Oscar spends long hours at the computer. Actually, he spends his time behind it, where he can lounge on his window perch and enjoy the heat from the computer monitor.

The 6-year-old gray Persian mix is the constant companion of Eileen Parzek, a website and graphic designer who works out of her Albany, N.Y., home. “There’s no better desk accessory than a cat,” she says.

Parzek is one of a growing number of people who carve out space in their homes to do business and want to make room for their cats. But scattered papers and hair-clogged keyboards can take a toll on a telecommuter’s patience. Thankfully, in just a few simple steps you can create a home office that satisfies you both.

For example, Parzek’s window perch gives Oscar an inviting place to nap that’s close, but out of the way. “He likes to be near me, and that allows him to be near without being on the desk,” she says.

**For the full article, pick up the May 2007 issue of CAT FANCY.**

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