Office Mate

We had a photo shoot and needed a cockatiel. I had one just in mind … the amazing Maisy. A few years ago, I was staring at a blank page, trying to write my September 2005 BIRD TALK Editor’s Note, when suddenly I heard, “I need a Bird Talk editor!” I followed the girl from the department downstairs to the street parallel to our parking lot. “There it is!” She pointed to a small shadow under a parked car. I put my hand down and up stepped Maisy. You’ve got to give this bird credit … out of all the businesses this lost cockatiel could have flown to, she found the headquarters of BIRD TALK magazine. We bought a cage and food, and Maisy quickly made herself at home, accepting head scratches and playing with necklaces. By the end of the day, this ’tiel had even the self-ascribed nonbird people asking if she needed a home.

With no luck finding her owner, she finally went to live with Anastasia, a former BIRD TALK editor. Now flash forward three years. Maisy is back today, sharing my office. I’ve set up a playgym for her and have been lavishing her with cheek scratches every time I get up. (I am convinced that cockatiels have evolved with the orange cheek patches so we know exactly where to scratch them.) She’s been sitting contently all day, but now she wants to fly over to me. Apparently, she has been eyeing my necklace for the past four hours and can no longer refrain.

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