Office Fun

My nanday, Ollie, has been a working bird as of late. First, he posed for the April Fools’ Exclusive: Ollie’s makeover. I couldn’t resist Punk Ollie. My kids, for obvious reasons, voted for Super Hero Ollie; since they are too young to understand the beauty of Photoshop, they’ve been begging me to bring home his costume from work.

Today, Ollie was back in the office for another photo shoot. It went a little less smoother than other photo shoots. For starters, Ollie wasn’t digging the idea of getting into his carrier this morning. He didn’t like the top loading one. You would have thought I was putting him in an oven by his reaction to it. So I got out the clear acrylic carrier, which was more to his liking.

Once at the office, I placed his tabletop perch on my desk, perched him on it and went to get some coffee. Well, I took about two steps and then everyone in the building knew there was a conure in the house: “Shriek!” Heads soon popped out of offices. Mind you, our company not only publishes BIRD TALK magazine, but a plethora of other pet-related magazines. Although there are a lot of animal-loving folk, not everyone is bird person. I had to be mindful ?don’t let the conure yell interrupt everyone’s day. So Ollie came with me to the coffee station.

Later on, there were outfit changes required for my editor’s note photos, so Ollie had to accompany me to the bathroom, too. Apparently, when I told Ollie he was working with me today, he took it to mean, “We’ll be attached by the shoulder all day!” 

 After the shoot, we settled in to a nice, quiet moment of me catching up on e-mails and Ollie peacefully preening on his tabletop perch. Then, a crow perched on the tree outside office window. Ollie freaked. Post-it notes went flying, my parrot figurine toppled over in Ollie’s attempt to land on it and I spilt my bottled water on my lap.

 Other than the fight to get in the carrier and crow encounter, Ollie does seem to enjoy sharing my work day. I must admit it’s quite relaxing to copyedit an article and have my fingers preened while I’m at it.

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