Office Cats Means Never Calling in “Sick” to Work Again

A fostering program at Florida workplaces helps kittens find love and desk jockeys relieve boredom.

Florida’s Humane Society of Broward County has just served up a reason never to call in sick to work again: Office Cats!

The Office Cats program is a new foster-based initiative that places adoptable cats in the position of co-workers for small, pet-friendly businesses located throughout South Florida. The shelter pays for food, veterinary care, litter, and the like, and businesses, in turn, shower the feline with TLC, while offering the cat a safe, cozy place to romp until he or she finds a fur-ever home.

“It provides more exposure for the cats to help them find a permanent home faster, and gives them more freedom, space, comfort and enrichment outside of a shelter environment,” HSBC spokesperson Adam Goldberg told The Huffington Post. “Finding pets a permanent home is our top priority and fostering pets outside of the shelter has proven to be a very successful way of doing so.”

While safety for the cat is a non-negotiable, sleeping arrangements are open-ended: businesses can allow the kitty to stay at the office after-hours (no overtime payment necessary), or employees can take turns bringing the Office Cat home to spend a little quality one-on-one time together – let’s think of it as a team building tête-à-tête between co-workers, yes?

We think the Office Cats initiative is pawsitively purrfect, and would gladly welcome it in our workplace. You?

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