Offer Your Birds Foods They Can Destroy

Food time is social time for birds, and nothing makes a pet bird happier when they have food they eat and play with.

Alexandrine parakeetNothing brings as great a joy to our hearts as when our avian family members are truly happy. One of those times is when we see them digging into a favorite food with delight, chattering happily and slinging food detritus in all directions.

Throughout the years, I have seen formerly fussy housekeepers laugh while they wiped little globs of pomegranate or grape off their white walls, deposited while their birds were eating their favorite goodies.

Although I have always known that birds enjoy food in many of the ways we do, taste and texture for example, and that it is a social time for them, too.

What about your avian friend? Do you offer him fun foods to tear up, in addition to his nutritional regular diet? It is easy to offer a wide assortment of fun foods. One or two green beans or peapods, a slice of a pepper, carrot curls, a bit of apple, an orange or tangerine slice are just a start. A healthful cracker or bit of whole-grain bread or part of a healthful bagel or English muffin can all entertain your avian friend while offering him additional nutritional options.

Although it may not seem like that big a deal to us, the very act of eating is an important part of your bird? life and time, and offering foods that can be destroyed provides a level of pleasure and joy that makes up for the additional time required to clean up after your little guy. It is a very small price to pay for one that loves you so much. 

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