Offer Sugar Gliders Table Foods

Know which table foods are safe to share with sugar gliders.

Fruits, Vegetables & Nuts
Nuts should not be given to sugar gliders because of this food’s high fat and phosphorus levels. Increased phosphorus levels can unbalance the calcium to phosphorus ratio and lead to calcium deficiency.

Dried fruits and processed meats should not be fed because they often contain preservatives and salt.

Meats, Proteins & Live Foods
The best sources of protein for sugar gliders are live insects. Mealworms, earthworms and crickets are good live foods. You can also offer beetles and grasshoppers. They are high in protein, and crickets can be high in calcium if gut-loaded on a high-calcium cricket diet.

You can also provide protein in the form of occasional treats of fresh, lean unseasoned meats. Prepare them by boiling, baking or pan cooking with a small amount of olive oil.

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