Of All the Places to Rest, My Cat Sleeps on My Head

Your cat thinks your heat is a great sleeping spot but you can redirect that behavior if you really want.

Why does my cat sleep on my head? — Makayla Ramos

I can think of three possibilities.

1.    Your cat is cold and is using you because your hair is soft and your head is warm. If you’d rather your cat nap somewhere else, consider giving her a fleecy blanket to lie down on or burrow under. If you’d like to really spoil her buy her a heated cat bed.

2.    Your cat loves you a lot. Your hair smells like you, and sleeping on your head helps strengthen your bond and makes her feel safe.

3.    This behavior is step one in a more nefarious plot. I have first-paw experience with this one. My cat is always with me at bedtime. When I turn out the light she is either at the end of the bed with easy access to the cushioned bench I bought her since the big leap from the floor up to the mattress is a bit too much for her these days, or she’s snoozing on the pillow next to mine. But when the sun comes up she’s usually on my head, wide awake and bopping my face with a paw. Mornings always begin with a good breakfast — and it must be served immediately.

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