October 2011 Product Spotlight, Ferret Girl by Colin Haskin, courtesy of DBR Publishing

This contest has ended, and five lucky entrants won a copy of the book Ferret Girl by Colin Haskin, courtesy of DBR Publishing.

As explained by author Colin Haskin, Ferret Girl is a novel for young adults that is actually for all adults. Fiona Forrest is 14, and she wants out of a desperately unhappy family situation. Mom is missing, Dad says even less than usual and her little brother has fallen silent. Her answer is to escape to the world of Bandit, her pet ferret, something she achieves through the ill-advised application of a backyard physics lesson. All at once, she is ferret-sized. Then it’s a succession of wild adventures and close encounters with a predatory great-horned owl, a rat, a fox, a skunk and a vainglorious house cat. She has entered the food chain.

Bandit, meanwhile, endeavors to teach her “the way of the ferret,” but he proves to have only a theoretical grasp on the subject and their roles become reversed. Fiona must assume leadership.

She soon regrets wanting to know what it would be like to be a ferret, and begins to long for her family. Without a way to reverse her experiment, Fiona arrives at the terrifying realization she is trapped in another dimension.

Published in the summer of 2011, Ferret Girl has already been awarded the coveted Kirkus Star by the editors of Kirkus Reviews. The Kirkus Star is awarded to books of remarkable merit.

“An absolutely wonderful debut with the potential to become a YA classic.” — Kirkus Reviews

Ferret Girl is a 180-page paperback. For more information about Ferret Girl, visit the website for the book or email DBR Publishing at DBRpublishing@xplornet.ca.  

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