Ocelot Predicts World Cup Winners

Wild cat Isidoro at Boston's Franklin Zoo has predicted soccer match winners accurately so far. Will Izzy be right about the playoffs?

Beckham, Ronaldo, Messi, Isidoro. Isidoro? Isidoro doesn’t play for any team, but the Brazilian Ocelot plays by instinct when he predicts the 2014 World Cup winners this summer from a habitat at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston.

How exactly an Ocelot predicts the future is a very exact science – he walks up to his favorite items before each scheduled match, and whichever item he picks, A or B, determines the winner. Isidoro uses “special predictive powers” to make each guess.  

Izzy tweets out predictions and some occasional trash talk on his Twitter feed (@IzzysPicks). The wild cat introduces himself like so: “I’m Izzy, the Brazilian ocelot. Hobbies: Listening to @pritheworld, chilling at @ZooNewEngland and picking winners for the #WorldCup.”

Do you think Izzy the Ocelot will select the final World Cup winner?

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