Ocean Nutrition Shrimp Wafers Review

Ocean Nutrition Shrimp Wafers provide nutrition for ornamental shrimp.

Ocean Nutrition’s Shrimp Wafers have given my shrimp the best colors and health of any food I have tried.

Ocean Nutrition Shrimp Wafers

Ocean Nutrition claims that its Shrimp Wafers provide all of the nutrition that freshwater ornamental shrimp require, that they are readily eaten and that they do not fall apart in the water.

I sell a number of different ornamental shrimp in my wholesale business, and I fed Ocean Nutrition’s Shrimp Wafers to the varieties that tend to lose their color: cherry reds and tigers.

I fed the wafers for two weeks, and in that short time, I observed significant improvements. Cherry shrimp often lose their red, and the stripes on tiger shrimp often fade. After two weeks on Ocean Nutrition’s Shrimp Wafers, all of the cherry shrimp were red, and the females were darker than the males. What was most interesting was that even the babies (cherry shrimp reproduce easily) were red. With the tiger shrimp, their stripes were much darker and bolder, and the background body color was a pale yellow rather than clear.

I’m impressed with Ocean Nutrition’s Shrimp Wafers, and I urge shrimpkeepers to include this product in their feeding regimen. Having my cherry reds color up so well, including the babies, convinced me that this is a terrific shrimp food.

Ocean Nutrition
Shrimp Wafers


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