Obama’s Snub of ‘Girly Dogs’ Inspires Entrepreneur

Woman creates pink "Girly Dogs ♥ Obama” products for dog lovers.

President-elect Barack Obama might have snubbed the “girly dog” during his interview with Barbara Walters, but there’s a new way for owners of small dogs to show pride in their pets.

Entrepreneur Sharon Young, the creator of “Patriotic Pets” campaign buttons for dogs and cats, designed pink “Girly Dogs ♥ Obama” buttons and T-shirts. “I decided it’s time for girly dogs to be taken more seriously,” Young said.

Even though Obama has said that the family has narrowed their choice for first dog to either a “Labradoodle” (Labrador Retriever-Poodle mix) or Portuguese Water Dog, Young said those medium-sized breeds could probably wear her latest design.

“I think they could squeeze into a large,” she said. “I just may send him one depending on whether they get a girl or a boy.”

The pink ruffled T-shirts are available in sizes extra small, medium, and large. The smallest looks about the size of a child’s sock, she said, and the large fits dogs up to 40 pounds.

Young is also creating a new “Manly Dog” line in honor of her dog Wolfie, an 80-pound Siberian Husky who died in December. Her “Manly Dog” products will feature the color black and have more of a grunge look, she said.

“The whole Obama dog thing is hilarious,” she said. “It’s consumed everybody more than any other matter … everybody loves dogs, and everybody can relate to making that decision.”

The “Patriotic Pets” product line by PoliticalShop.com specializes in collectible campaign buttons and novelties for presidential elections.

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