Oasis Sanctuary “Discover The Oasis” Event

At the annual "Discover the Oasis" event, participants will have a chance to hear speaker James Gilardi of the World Parrot Trust.

The Oasis Sanctuary will hold our annual ?iscover the Oasis?event on May 4, 2013. The event will be held at the Oasis Sanctuary, at 5411 N Teran Road, Benson (Cascabel), Arizona, 85602. The full-day event will feature a presentation by keynote speaker Dr. Jamie Gilardi, Ph.D. of the World Parrot Trust, onsite self-guided tours of the sanctuary and silent auction with free vegetarian lunch and beverages included.

Gilardi is the executive director of The World Parrot Trust. He is a conservation biologist specializing in behavioral and physiological ecology with special focus on tropical forest birds and marine vertebrates. Following undergraduate studies at the University of Washington and UC Santa Cruz, he earned a Ph.D. in Ecology from UC Davis studying parrot social behavior, foraging ecology, and soil-eating in south-eastern Peru. Gilardi has also worked on parrot conservation in Guatemala, St. Vincent, St. Lucia and Mexico. In the fall of 2000, he became the director of the World Parrot Trust, where he is oversees the work of the Trust, developing, supporting, and implementing parrot conservation and education programs around the world. He will discuss World Parrot Trust’s very successful release programs and show wonderful photos of these events. 

The Oasis Sanctuary is a facility primarily for exotic parrots, currently caring for approximately 750 birds of a wide variety of species. The Oasis is a nonprofit organization, primarily supported by individual contributions. ?iscover The Oasis?is a major fund-raiser which traditionally helps us raise much needed funds and allows us to meet many of our supporters.

For more information, contact 602-863-1543 or go to the Oasis Sanctuary website.

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