Nyjer or Thistle Bird Feeders

Find out why mesh bird feeders are perfect for the birds that feed on nyjer or thistle.

Excerpted from “Feeder Facts?in “Popular Birding Series: Backyard Birding,?lt;/em> published by BirdChannel.com publisher I-5 Publishing LLC.

Thistle bird seed (also called nyjer, niger or nyjer thistle) is the preferred bird food of American and Lesser Goldfinches, Pine Siskins and other songbirds. The bird seed is often offered in a mesh or bag feeder, making it easy for the small birds to pluck out the small, black seeds.

Thistle sock feeders are relatively inexpensive, running anywhere from $3 to $8.

If you want to get a little fancier, try a tube-style thistle bird feeder that finches will love and larger birds won? be able to use. Many of these types of bird feeders require the birds to cling onto or feed while upside-down, which is perfect for finches.

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