NSU Florida Students Crowdsource Coral Reef Restoration

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Coral reef nursery off South Florida. Screengrab courtesy Nova Southeastern University
John Virata

Students with Nova Southeastern University have launched a crowdsourcing campaign in an effort to raise money to expand the university’s ongoing coral reef restoration projects. According to CBS Miami, students of NSU’s Oceanographic Center, which has been a leader in marine research and education issues for the last 50 years, launched the campaign in hopes of collecting $10,000 by July 22.

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“We started our Indiegogo campaign to really get a jump start on our new coral nursery initiative program here at NSU’s Oceanographic Center,” Kate Correia, a research assistant at NSU told CBS Miami. “This funding is important to help keep an almost 10-year old project alive, especially considering the target species of Staghorn Coral, which has been a primary reef builder on our local reefs.”

The money will help to fund two reef nursery structures that will enable students to grow around 200 corals, with the hope that in two more years, up to 600 corals will grow on the structures. These corals will further help to replenish coral reefs in South Florida.

The crowdsourcing Website is at www.nova.edu/ocean/saveourcorals.

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