Now Introducing The World? Oldest Bird

Wisdom, a Laysan albatross, is thought to be at least 64 years old.

The Laysan albatross is a species classified by the IUCN as “Near Threatened” due to human disturbance and the ingestion of plastic. The population, according to, has dropped 70 percent since Wisdom, the world? oldest banded wild bird, was banded.

Ornithologist Chandler Robbins first banded her in 1956, and according to Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge manager Dan Clark, “Wisdom has become a symbol of hope and inspiration.?She is estimated to be at least 64 years old and it is also believed that she? flown more than six million ocean miles.

After a year at sea, Wisdom flew back to the wildlife refuge in mid-November to mate. She is expected to return soon to lay her egg ?which is likely to be her 37th.

“We are a part of the fate of Wisdom,?Clark told “And it is gratifying to see her return because of the decades of hard work conducted to manage and protect albatross nesting habitat.?lt;/span>

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