November 2008 Product Spotlight, Earth’s Balance Pet Solution

This contest has ended and 12 lucky people won a bottle of Pet Solution Rx.

Earth’s Balance, a manufacturer of natural products for your pet and garden, announces the availability of its Pet Solution Rx line of products. Pet Solution Rx is an all-natural solution that helps relieve and soothe insect bites, watery eyes due to pollen, sunburn, cuts, scrapes and more. The specially developed electrolyzed oxidizing water that makes up Pet Solution Rx supports first aid by cleansing, sanitizing and promoting healthy skin and coat on a wide variety of animals. It also supports rapid healing of mange, hot spots and ringworm.

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Additionally, Pet Solution Rx sanitizes and neutralizes odors in pet bedding, cages, water bowls and toys, and it is safe for pets of all types and ages. For more details, click here>> 

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