Novartis Issues Warning for Pet Products

Novartis Animal Health cautions pet owners that foreign tablets may be found in certain bottles of their Clomicalm tablets.

The company issued the warning to veterinarians and clinics as a precautionary measure, more than two weeks after its consumer health division recalled several human products including Excedrin, NoDoz, Bufferin, and Gas-X that were packaged at a facility in Lincoln, Neb., over similar concerns.

While no instances of foreign tablets in Clomicalm bottles have been reported to Novartis, the company recommends clinic staff open each bottle of Clomicalm and inform clients who have already received Clomicalm to examine the tablets and refrain from administering any that are questionable in color, shape or size.

If any abnormalities are found, findings can be reported to the company by calling 800-637-0281.

Novartis has resumed animal health product shipments from the Lincoln facility to Canada and overseas, but several products, including Clomicalm, Interceptor flavor tabs, Sentinel flavor tabs, Program flavor tabs and suspension and Deramaxx, are not shipping domestically from the Lincoln facility.

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