Nova & Her Video Shoot

So we just attempted a video shoot with a very cute green-winged macaw, Nova.

Nova was in the office around this time last year for a photo shoot, and she beautifully captured the essence of a young macaw (she about 6 months old at the time); curious, playful and perhaps just a smidgeon of clumsy … after all, she was still learning how to navigate with that long, long tail.

Nova was a real trooper this morning. We had her trying “magic tricks” and that involved a lot of “Nova, lookey here … a pine nut under a paper cup!” and “Come on Nova, pick up a card, you can do it!” At times, she looked at us like we were all crazy as we tried to coax her around the props – why in the world wouldn’t we just hand over the nut? Silly humans.

It is now clear to me that Nova was trick training us. “The human places the nut under a cup, shuffles the cups around, talks to me on excitedly – and wait for it, wait for it – a nut delivered by hand.”

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