Noteworthy Music for Dogs

Dogs have a specific taste in music. Play it again, Sam!

Even dogs from not-so-classy backgrounds appreciate fine music, shelter operators told us in an informal survey. When leaving on the radio for your pooch, choose wisely: no Marilyn Manson, please.

Here is a top-five list guaranteed to receive two paws up:

  1. The Four Seasons, Antonio Vivaldi. What dog doesn’t dream about the fertile season of spring or the dog days of summer?

  2. Feed Jake, Pirates of the Mississippi. This country ballad is a dogs’ dream, with lyrics such as “…my best friend, right through it all. If I die before I wake, feed Jake.”

  3. Almost Anything by Bach, Elgar and Mozart. These composers crafted light, airy compositions perfect for a dog’s ear. Caution: Avoid such serious works as Mozart’s Symphony No. 25 in G minor – it might make your dog brood for weeks.

  4. Bella Notte from Disney’s “Lady and the Tramp” soundtrack. Available on myriad Disney collections, your dog will howl at the memory of Lady and Tramp’s romantic spaghetti dinner.

  5. Homeward Bound soundtrack. Not out on disc, but play the video and your dog is sure to perk up at the sight and sounds of his adventurous peers. High-spirited melodies, great barking scenes and a dog that constantly torments a cat. What could be better?

Honorable Mention: Hound Dog, Elvis Presley. Puppies can’t resist this tune. But play it first thing in the morning, when you have enough energy to keep up with your dancing dog. Who says you can’t rock ‘n’ roll with two left feet?

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