Notes From the Pet Expo

Five days of being on the go results in lots of new pet products and meeting Rachael Ray.

I have just spent a hectic five days in Orlando, Fla., three of which were spent walking the floor at the Global Pet Expo, which is so huge the exercise makes up for missing out at the gym.

It is a daunting task, the focus of which is learning what’s new in the pet industry. To boot, on the first day I had to get up at 5 a.m. to be camera-ready for a TV segment on Fox to talk pet trends.

Yet despite the lack of good sleep and lots of walking, it’s an event I absolutely love attending and this year was better than ever for a number of reasons.

First, I found some fabulous new cat toys and products. Fudge, Izzie and Mr. Pants are going to think that Christmas has come early this year and I’ll blog about the new stuff as it gets tested.

Secondly, I finally got to meet Christina Gray from WorldWise Inc. We have known each other telephonically for a number of years and worked together on numerous projects because the company is very pet savvy when it comes to trends.

Yet somehow we have kept missing each other at trade shows over the last three years! This year, we finally connected, give or take a few phone calls to pin her down. We managed to “do lunch” as they say in L.A., and while chatting I related the story of how This Cat is still addicted to her bird boing toy, that the company produced several years back and she carries it everywhere.

Well, Christina had some good news for This Cat as the bird boing has “hatched” some new chirpy feathered friends and put a sample in my hand to give to this tabby tester.

I am going to have it purrsonally delivered to her soon and had to resist pulling out the tab to try it out myself, otherwise it would have chirped all the way to South Africa where This Cat lives.

The other highlight of the event was getting to meet Rachael Ray. She was so nice and unlike so many A-list celebs, who deduce that being A-list means having Attitude, Rachael gets an “A” for being Animal-friendly. All the proceeds earned from the sales of her fabulous dog food Nutrish go toward assisting her rescue organization. Every single cent!

Good news for cats, Rachael whispered in my ear that she’s working on a cat food, too.

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