Not Your Average Cat

The Highlander's striking appearance and outgoing personality steal hearts.



When breeder Donna Verba of Arkansas noticed four of her Highlanders buzzing around under her feet one day as she worked at her desk, she didn’t pay much attention at first. Highlanders are known for their active, inquisitive personalities. But after a while, Verba became curious about what the cats were so interested in. “I turned on the light to see a cottonmouth snake right next to the garbage can where my feet were,” she says. “It was striking at my male, Wookie.”

Fortunately, Wookie is a longhaired Highlander, and his heavy coat protected him from the snake’s bites. Verba managed to get the cats away from the snake and captured the reptile with the help of her husband.

People who live with Highlanders aren’t surprised by this story. Highlanders rarely miss anything and are always in the middle of the action.

“Highlanders are an amazing breed,” says breeder Patti Struck of Arizona. “They are probably one of the easiest breeds to show because they take everything in stride including the boisterous environment of the show hall. They seem unfazed by all the strange people, smells and noises, and are ready to be in the limelight, kissing up to the judges and playing the clown at every opportunity.”

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