Soldier Enlists Help To Bring Dog He Adopted In Iraq Home To US

Ollie was adopted by the camp in which Army Specialist Ken Wyrsch was stationed in Iraq.

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Former Army Specialist Ken Wyrsch and Ollie served in Iraq together. Via CBS San Francisco
John Virata

When former U.S. Army Specialist Ken Wyrsch was in Iraq last month, he got word that the camp he was stationed in was set to shut down and his unit was going to be disbanded.

While it meant a trip back home to the United States for Wyrsch, he realized that one of his best war buddies, a dog who was adopted as a puppy in Iraq and became the camp’s mascot, was going to be left in Iraq, according to CBS San Francisco.

Ollie, according to Wyrsch, wouldn’t survive in Iraq due to what he called harsh and cruel treatment that he says animals are subjected to in the war torn country, so he set out on a mission to get Ollie and bring him to the United States.

“You don’t leave a friend behind, can’t do it,” Wyrsch told CBS San Francisco. And Ollie was a loyal friend. Wyrsch said he was there when his unit left the camp on missions, and was there when the unit returned to camp.

Wyrsch contacted SPCA International, who helped raise the funds to send Ollie to San Francisco, California, where Wyrsch picked him up May 19 at the cargo depot at San Francisco International Airport.

Ollie was elated to see his old friend again. That same friend whom he adopted as a puppy in Iraq.

“And this right here was thousands and thousands of dollars of donations that went into this dog, you know?” Wyrsch told CBS San Francisco. “He’s a good boy. He’s worth it

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