Nonprofit Provides Meals for Montana’s Dogs

AniMeals distributes food and supplies to animal shelters and rescue groups throughout western Montana.

Since 2003, AniMeals has strived to fulfill its mission: No more hungry animals. Through the donations of generous supporters and the efforts of volunteers, the non-profit group has distributed pet food and supplies to animal shelters, rescue groups, and homebound or disabled pet owners throughout western Montana.

AniMeals exists through private donations and charitable contributions. The registered nonprofit organization delivers food and supplies to a large area of Western Montana, stretching from the Canadian border south to the city of Dillon. All told, AniMeals delivery area covers about 29,600 square miles. Within this area, 68 percent of the goods delivered go to animal shelters and rescues, with 22 percent distributed to feral cat caregivers and another 10 percent going to low-income, homebound and disabled pet owners.

Karyn Moltzen’s work with the organization she founded in 2003 earned her the recognition and support of many grateful pet owners and caregivers when she was nominated for Animal Planet’s “Hero of the Year” award in 2007. In her nomination letter, Tara Westlie wrote, “Karyn is my hero. She has managed to accomplish that which I had never thought possible, and now a food bank for animals is a reality in Montana.”

In return, Moltzen extends her gratitude to the people who volunteer with and donate to AniMeals. “In a world that so often seems indifferent to these homeless creatures, we know different,” she said. “We see it in the caregivers, we see it in the donations and we see it in our volunteers. We see caring and compassion, and we thank you for it.”

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