Nonprofit Aims to Help Displaced Dogs

No Paws Left Behind offers options and assistance for dog owners facing foreclosure.

Fueled by the growing number of “foreclosure pets,” Cheryl Lang recently launched No Paws Left Behind, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raise awareness and find solutions for pet owners facing foreclosure.

The website,, directs visitors, based on their zip code, to local animal shelters and other alternative housing opportunities for cats and dogs in need. The goal is to help find shelters for displaced pets and reduce the number of abandoned cats and dogs.

The resources available to visitors include no-kill animal shelter options, foster care for pets in need of temporary care, and pet deposit assistance when people are forced to relocate to an apartment. One of the organization’s missions also is to educate homeowners on their loan workout options when facing foreclosure.

“In an effort to help families coping with the devastating foreclosure process, we are bringing awareness to the growing trend of abandoned pets and offering possible solutions,” said Lang.

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