Nobody Looks As Good Enjoying The Great Outdoors As This Golden Retriever

Aspen the dog is so much cooler than we are.

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Aspen was out kayaking across Lake Louise. What did you do today? Via Hunter Lawrence/Instagram

My ex-boyfriend and I had a Golden Retriever together, and he was, without a doubt, the most beautifully photogenic dog I’ve ever seen. At one point, I’m pretty sure that 90 percent of my iPhone pictures were of the dog sitting on the deck, pressing his nose against the window or just staring at me while I sat on the couch, scrolling through 5,000 other pictures of him. And if our dog looked like a luxury pet food ad when he was dragging his filthy stuffed monkey across the carpet, then just imagine how incredible this breed can look in the hands of a capable photographer, with more majestic backgrounds.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine, because Hunter Lawrence has an Instagram feed full of jaw-dropping images of his beautiful 4-year-old Golden, Aspen.

The Colorado man spends a lot of time exploring the outdoors, and Aspen is always exploring right beside him, whether they’re hiking, camping or canoeing across a Canadian lake. Some of Lawrence’s photos are silly (there’s seriously nothing funnier than a dog all dressed up in your clothes), some are serene and all of them will make you want to grab your camera, take your own dog and head outside.

Here are a few awe-inspiring shots of Aspen, in Colorado and beyond. Even though our own pictures might never look as incredible as Lawrence’s, that won’t stop us from having our own adventures, taking our own road trips and making our own memories. See you out there!

1. “Do you think the fur trim is too much?”

2. “So we’re gonna go swim in that, right?” 

3. Oh come on. Like he’d only need two boots.

4. “Hope you know how to tie your own flies, son.”

5. “Actually, my tail might be frozen like this.”

6. “So are you coming in or what?”

7. “You think this one will work for my Tinder profile?”

8. “I’ll be inside, right after I lick each individual snowflake.”

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