No Pet? No Apartment!

As all dog owning renters know, it's hard just to find a place that accepts your pet, but how would you like to live in a place that requires one.

North Hollywood, Calif. apartment building owner Judy Guth means business – if you don’t have a pet, you can’t move into her building. And if your pet passes away while you’re living there, residence say Guth will take you to an animal shelter to find a new loving companion to take home. Love it or leave it, that’s the deal.

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Don’t worry, Guth isn’t picky; she will accept all companions, from bird or cat to dog or fish. Although she is in the market to sell the 12-unit apartment building, Guth says she is only willing to sell to someone who will uphold the pet policy.

There is no pet deposit, and if you need new carpet, Guth will put it in as long as the tenant pays for it monthly. When tenants leave, they can take the carpet with them if they’d like. Tenant Tsunami Turner says, “Everybody here has dogs, loves dogs. Everybody is really friendly. It’s great.” Tenants are allowed one or two any-size dogs or three cats that have been vaccinated and wear an updated ID tag. Guth spends time to “interview” the pet before accepting the tenant’s application to make sure there isn’t excessive barking or bad behavior.

Cocker Spaniel

The majority of Guth’s tenants have lived in her apartment building for a decade or more, which is pretty rare in Los Angeles County. Even more rare is being able to get into an apartment with a beloved dog or cat – or two.

If you’re wondering if it’s legal to “discriminate” based on pet ownership, the City Attorney’s office stated there is not a problem with the policy. Guth has had this policy in place for more than 40 years. Guth says, “My experience has told me you get people with a lot of love in their hearts when you get pet owners.”

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