No One Has Ever Wanted To Be Alone More Than This Cat

And then the cat learns that being alone is the quickest way to get everyone's attention.

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"I just need some 'me' time, OK?"

Do you ever have one of those days — or one of those days, emphasis required — where all you need is just a few minutes to yourself? Because this cat is your new spirit animal.

In a video uploaded to YouTube last week by The Fur Monsters, a cat has had it up to here (and here’s where he’d wave his paw over his ears) with his roommates, a sleepy Corgi and a curious cat, and just needs a second to think.

Cat closet 1


He does everything he can to get some alone time, furiously pawing at the floor until the closet door opens. (And here’s where we suggest that this isn’t the first time he’s tested this particular temporary escape route). It’s hard to blame him for wanting to get away, because as soon as he tucks himself away into the sweet, sweet solitude of the bottom shelf, the Siamese cat comes over and sticks his head in the door.

"Beat it." Via The Fur Monsters/YouTube

“Beat it.” Via The Fur Monsters/YouTube

You know, just like Jackie from Accounting. If your office door is shut, that’s exactly when she needs to ask you about a takeout receipt from six months ago, or wants to sell you a flavorless chocolate bar from her kid’s gymnastic club or just needs you to sign a birthday card for someone you wouldn’t recognize if they fell from the ceil — Hey, cat! Is there enough room in there for us?

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