No One Has Ever Been As Chill As This Cat Riding On The Dashboard

A video of Rory staring out the windshield, looking up at the sky has gone crazy-viral.

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"She's my excuse for driving in the carpool lane," Rory's owner joked on Instagram. Via its_rorrry/Instagram

If you ask any Los Angeles resident to name the worst part of living in that particular city, you’ll probably hear complaints ranging from “the traffic” to “the traffic” to “the traffic.” It’s impossible to enjoy inching along the 405 or the 10 on any day, at any time… unless you’re Rory the cat. This tabby loves nothing more than lounging on the dashboard and looking straight up the sky, like a chilled-out, four-legged version of one of those “Deal With It” GIFs.

Eleven-month-old Rory discovered the dashboard after being let out of her carrier one day, and now she’s hooked.

“Since then, she won’t have it any other way,” Rory’s owner Kelsey Kazahaya told

Yes, cats should really be kept in their carriers when in the car, but Kelsey is quick to note that she drives with “extreme caution” when Rory is sprawled out on the dash. And Rory does seem to thoroughly enjoy her dashboard daydreams.

Kelsey and her boyfriend, Joshua, are both frequent volunteers at Los Angeles-area animal shelters and, the day they saw Rory, they were immediately smitten. The couple adopted the tabby, taking her home to join their Husky and a pair of cats they are fostering.

“Rory is the definition of a free spirit,” Kelsey said. “You can be in a room with her and, within the first 10 seconds, she will have you laughing. She has so much personality.”

A video posted by @kelsseyyy on

Despite Rory’s oversized personality, neither Kelsey nor Joshua had any idea that their video of a blissed-out Rory riding on the dashboard would blow up the way it did.

“We’ve had that video up since October and it only went ‘viral’ last Monday!” Kelsey said.

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She and Joshua have recently started an Instagram account just for Rory, (@its_rorrry) and they want her to be known for something more than just being extraordinarily cute.

“[I want] Rory to be an outlet to bring awareness of how important it is to ‘adopt, not shop,'” she said. “I’m in the process of starting my own non-profit animal rescue, called Fairy Tails Pet Rescue, that Rory will be the face of.”

And, believe it or not, riding on the dashboard isn’t Rory’s only quirk.

“She loves the smell of mint,” Kelsey told Petcha. “She hops up on my counter while I’m brushing my teeth and tries to pull my hand down. She’s seriously such a dork.”

But she’s an adorable dork, one who could prompt others to adopt a homeless or abandoned cat.

Now let’s see some of those toothpaste videos.

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