No Need for a Needle

Transdermal vaccines provide a shot-free alternative.

What can make a grown man shudder, a woman rush from an exam room and a small child burst into tears? Uncapping the sharp needle used to give their pet a vaccination, that’s what! Now there’s a way to leave that needle behind with the development of a transdermal vaccine.

Pet vaccinations help prevent death and decrease the spread of many diseases. But that needle can hurt! Animals also can develop soreness at the injection site and act slightly lethargic after their “shots.” In rare cases hypersensitivity reactions occur, leading to facial swelling, breathing difficulty, vomiting and/or extreme discomfort. Local inflammation at the injection site or reaction to vaccine components can sometimes create an abscess or, even worse, a tumor. Vaccine-induced sarcomas concern veterinarians and pet owners alike. Feline leukemia virus and rabies vaccinations both have been implicated in these cancers.

**For the full article, pick up the April 2007 issue of CAT FANCY.**

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