No More Doggies In The Window

Glendale, Calif., officials to propose pet sales ban.

The city council in Glendale, Calif., is expected to introduce Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2011, an ordinance that seeks to ban the sale of pets.

As drafted, the ordinance would prohibit a city pet store from selling, displaying or giving away dogs and cats. It includes a “grandfather clause” that would allow existing pet stores to continue to sell dogs and cats for one year after the ordinance goes into effect. Pet store owners would be allowed to adopt out cats and dogs if the animals are owned by a publicly operated animal control agency, nonprofit humane society or nonprofit animal rescue.

Earlier this summer, the council unanimously voted to direct staff to draft the ordinance. In its report, the staff writes that by banning the retail sale of dogs and cats in pet stores, the city would be able to reduce some of the demand for dogs from so-called puppy mills and cats from so-called kitten factories.

“Prohibiting the sale of dogs and cats in retail pet stores within the city is the most direct way to stave off business from puppy mills,” staff writes in the report. “Additionally, it encourages pet adoptions from local animal shelters, which in turn reduces the number of animals euthanized every year.”

The city council is scheduled to act on the ordinance at its 6 p.m. meeting in city hall. The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) opposes the ban and is urging the public to speak out against the ordinance both before and during the council meeting.

Pet stores, according to PIJAC, provide healthy, responsibly raised pets to the public and should serve as one of the options pet owners may turn to in choosing a companion animal. PIJAC contends a ban on the sale of pet store animals “does nothing to reduce unwanted populations or benefit animal welfare.”

Glendale is not the first city to hear this type of ban in California. San Francisco City Council reviewed a similar idea earlier this year, read more here.

To view the ordinance as drafted and the staff report, click here

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