No Homeless Dogs and Cats in Houston by 2013

Saving Animals opens new spay-neuter clinics to help decrease the number of dogs in Houston shelters.

With an estimated 125,000 homeless dogs and cats entered into Houston, Texas, shelters each year, something needed to be done to save the animals of the city. Saving Animals, a part of PetSmart Charities, recently opened five new sterilization clinics for dogs and cats in and around Houston, in hopes of dramatically decreasing the number of homeless animals.

The goal, which is to reduce shelter intake and the number of euthanized dogs and cats in the region, is expected to be completed by 2013. This project would not only mean fewer homeless dogs in the city, but would also mean fewer taxpayer dollars dedicated to housing these animals.

“Reducing the need for animal sheltering and control in Houston could save taxpayers much of the $15 million in taxes and private donations spent each year to operate the five major local shelters,” says Houston City Controller Annise Parker. “Preventing homeless dogs and cats by spaying or neutering is not only kinder than destroying them, it’s much less expensive in the long run.”

PetSmart Charities will be donating nearly $1 million to Saving Animals to build and equip the spay-neuter clinics.

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