No Feline Left Behind

Learn how to create an evacuation plan for you and your cat.


You do everything in your power to keep your cat safe and healthy at all times – taking her to the veterinarian for yearly checkups, watching for signs of illness and feeding her feline-friendly meals. But what happens when disaster strikes? How do you prepare yourself – and your cat – for an emergency situation or a natural disaster? The same way you prepare your human family, of course: with a plan and one that is tailored to suit your cat’s needs.

“Formulate a plan for each possible scenario that might befall you, assemble the items needed for that plan, and then test and revise the plans,” says Marilee Muzatko, Senior ICU Technician at DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital in Portland, Ore. “That way, you will be more calm should something happen, and your cat will respond to that calmness and be more comfortable.”

Before you begin constructing an emergency kit for your cat, you need to take something even more important into consideration: her carrier. In general, cats associate the carrier with trips to the veterinarian; a fact that will not help you during an emergency, when the carrier will serve as one of your greatest allies. Therefore, it is essential that, before disaster strikes, you work with your cat to make her more accepting of the carrier and less fearful of what its presence entails.

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