Ninja Husky Is On A Stealthy Quest To Retrieve Beloved Bone

A Husky turned into a covert ninja in an effort to snag the bone its owner took.

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Don't underestimate the chill demeanor. This dog is on a mission.

Oh, you thought a little distance could come between a determined Husky and a delicious bone? Think again.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Kyoot Animals, a man takes his dog’s bone away and walks down a long hallway with it.

The man then puts the bone on the floor next to him and ducks behind a wall to watch the Husky retrieve it.

Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

“You want it? Come and get it.” Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

That’s when the magic happens.

Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

“Whoa. How’d you do that?” Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

The Husky proceeds to release its inner ninja. Every time the man peeks back into the hallway, the dog is closer to the bone, seemingly without having walked at all. The dog is just… there, only closer.

Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

“Okay, truce. You’ve earned it.” Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

Then, with a final curious glance beyond the wall, the Husky has arrived and can thoroughly enjoy the bone it worked so hard to retrieve.

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