Nine Lives for Cats a Good Thing

That Cat sends his sister, This Cat, over the edge.

It was purely a coincidence that it was Halloween weekend when That Cat decided to scare his sister, This Cat, and literally sent her over the edge.

I had sent over a selection of cat treats for taste-testing by the threesome (also including Other Cat). In the short space of time that it took Gail to take the treats to the kitchen and pack them away, That Cat discovered the discarded white plastic bag still lying on the table.

Needless to say, he could smell what had been in the packet and, determined to ensure that nothing was being overlooked, decided to check it out.

While all this feline investigating was going on, This Cat was practicing her role as Sun Goddess and was sitting in her favorite planter on the balcony ledge.

She was enjoying the warm rays and minding her own business when That Cat, who had managed to climb inside the bag, decided this was fun and charged outside, making his way onto the balcony in a very zigzag travel pattern.

There was a loud hissing and a rumbling noise and Gail arrived outside just in time to see This Cat, eyes the size of saucers, literally flying over the balcony edge in fright as this spooky bag came rustling at great speed in her direction.

It’s quite a drop down on the other side. Fortunately, she was so frazzled by the experience that she remained transfixed to the spot where she’d landed and was only too happy to be retrieved and given extra treats to make up for her ordeal.
Thank goodness cats are purported to have nine lives; I’m sure This Cat used up a few during this saga. Fortunately she was fine.

When That Cat was finally extracted from his bag, he did what cats that have been up to no good usually do – he sat and cleaned his feet!

I have to admit that he’s given me a great idea. Next year for Halloween I am going as a white plastic shopping bag.

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