Nikon Gives Us A Peek Into A Dog’s World With Heart-Monitoring Camera

Nikon fitted a dog with a device that automatically takes photos based on the photographer's heart rate, and the results make for an interesting photo collection.

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Grizzler is about to share his favorite things with the world.
Chrissa Hardy

What if there was a way to capture every single moment that made you feel happy? You wouldn’t need to pause and step out of said happy moment to take a photo, it would just automatically happen based on the measure of your emotions.

Well, Nikon has created a device that does just that and, in probably one of the best marketing campaigns ever, had a dog wear it around for awhile. The resulting photo collection paints a delightful picture of a dog’s world. Here’s how it works:

The device, aptly called Heartography, measures the heart rate of the photographer, transmits that data to the camera via Bluetooth and automatically triggers the camera to take a picture whenever the heart rate exceeds the predetermined baseline, according to Nikon’s website.

After creating the gadget, Nikon employees must’ve asked themselves: Why strap this to a human when we can put it on a dog? And so they did.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Nikon Asia, we get to see the photos that Grizzler the dog took while wearing the Heartography device. There are shoes, cats, giant cans of food, trash on the street and other dogs. The photos are a collection of everything that excited him and his doggy senses. They offer viewers a look into the mind, er heart, of our canine companions.

Here are some of the photos Grizzler took on his journey:

What birds find appetizing is ALWAYS fascinating. Via Nikon

What birds find appetizing is ALWAYS fascinating. Via Nikon

"I can have these, right, humans?" Via YouTube

“I can have these, right, humans?” Via YouTube

"Nice to meet you. May I sniff you butt?" Via YouTube

“Nice to meet you. May I sniff your butt?” Via YouTube

"Well hello there, new friend." Via YouTube

“Friend or foe?” Via YouTube

If we could put one of these cameras on every dog, what would we discover? We don’t know, but we’d sure love to find out.

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