Nikon Enlists a Dog to Take Photographs

See what happens when photos are taken based on a dog’s heart rate.

Nikon asks on their website, “What if emotions could take photographs?” That’s an interesting question. To find out at least one answer, they hired a dog to take pictures.

Nikon Asia introduced Heartography in which the photographer’s (in this case a dog named Grizzler) heart rate decides when to take the picture. Sounds a little strange, doesn’t it? Basically the new Nikon COOLPIX L31 was outfitted with a device that transmits Grizzler’s heart rate to the camera. It was then strapped to the dog. Whenever his heart rate increased, a photo was snapped. If you check out the video, you’ll see everything from mushrooms to cats to bowls of food to other dogs got his heart rate up.

Publicity move for the new camera? Great idea to have a dog take pictures? Yes and yes. But it does make me wonder, what my dogs’ photos would be of. For Anna, they’d probably all be food. Roscoe’s photos may be a little more of a surprise. What photos would your dogs take? If this Heartography system becomes available commercially, would you get it? Who would try it first – you or your dog?

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