Night Vision Camera Reveals Paranormal Activity Is Actually Dog Just Tryna Get Some Food Around Here

Things that go “mmwrammm RAMMM” in the night are probably just hungry dogs.

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The whine was coming from inside the house.

Strange noises that come out of nowhere at night can spark the imagination. And that imagination can lead you down a creepy path that can scare the bejesus out of you. Until you find out it’s only your dog asking for breakfast.

A YouTube video by user autoedit called Pit Bull Alarm Clock shows what is making eerie noises in the dark of a guy’s room: a hungry dog who goes by the name Grey. The glowy green light of the night vision lens used for the clip makes it appear like a horror movie but Grey’s owner is actually pretty nonchalant about the whole thing.

That could be because Grey is making these sounds at what could generously be called the crack of dawn and the guy is not even close to awake yet. Grey vocalizes her haunted-house sounds starting in the 4 a.m. hour, which is actually horrifying for some of us.

Another scary movie element is the Blair-Witch-esque figure facing away from the camera in the background. That turns out to be Pinto, Grey’s quieter dog sib.

Film this shaky-cam style and it will give "Blair Witch Project" serious competition.  Via  autoedit/YouTube

Film this shaky-cam style and it will give “Blair Witch Project” serious competition. Via autoedit/YouTube

It could be that all this Halloween stuff is getting to us because we were a little scared of this video at first. But after seeing all the usual features of the hungry-dog-in-early-morning routine, we realize this is the start of a classic Dog-Meets-Breakfast, Dog-Falls-In-Love film.

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