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2004 National Cage Bird Show Winners

The 2004 National Cage Bird Show Winners


The show is divided into 19 Divisions, or categories. Winners received a Higgins trophy and a ribbon. Below is a listing of those winners:


Division 1, Border Fancy Canaries — Paul Dee

Division 2, Glosters — Ron & Candace Pezzuti

Division 3, Type Canaries — Will Burdett

Division 4, Old Variety Canaries — Carlo Fucarino

Division 5, Domestic Hartz Canaries — Robert Wild

Division 6, Fife Fancy — Tony Medeiros

Division 7, American Singers — Steve Baptiste

Division 8, Colorbred Lipochrome — Mohamed El Ajari

Division 9, Colorbred Melanin — Julio Acevedo

Division 10, Colorbred Melanin (New Colors) — Albert & Hazel Silva

Division 11, Finches & Softbills — Michael West

Division 12, Parrots — Annette Howard

Division 13, Lovebirds (Rare & Eye-ring) — Paul Crow

Division 14, Peach-faced Lovebirds — Jim Munis

Division 15, Cockatiels — Pam Thompson

Division 16, Waterslagers — Mike Simityan

Division 17, Spanish Timbradros — Trinidad Patino

Roller Canaries Exhibition — Dayle Johnson

Congratulations to all the winners.


See more of the story on Page 4 of the March issue, which goes on sale Feb. 1.

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