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How Birds Deal With Noise Pollution
Some birds can cope with all the noise humans make by changing their songs so they can be heard by other birds, while the less flexible songsters have to leave the noisy area, reports ScienceDaily. More>>

Australian Parrots Make Up 5 Different Branches of the Parrot Evolutionary Tree
Genetic research of the New Guinea tiger parrots help researchers understand how Australian parrots evolved, reports ScienceDaily. More>>

Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) Found In Ostriches in Africa’s West Cape
Ostrich farms in the Klein Karoo Valley in West Cape are dealing with the sad repercussions of avian influenza, reports The Times Live. More>>

Parakeets Stolen
Three parakeets in their bird cage on a front porch were stolen in West Palm Beach, Florida, reports More>>

Check Out Jamaica’s Yellow-billed Amazon Parrot
Jamaica celebrates its endemic species, promoting local pride with a campaign and a book, Jamaica’s Wildlife Treasures, reports the Jamaica Observer. More>>

English Government Killing Wild Quaker Parrots
The English government’s environmental body is eradicating feral populations of quaker parakeets in Borehamwoo, a town in southern Hertfordshire, England, reports the Borehamwood and Elstree Times. More>>

African Greys Capable Of Working In Teams
Parrots display teamwork and decision-making skills, according to an article in More>>

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