Newly Groomed Dog Is Not Amused When Owner Uses Shaved Fur For Funny Wigs

When the human decides to have a little fun with your shaved-off fur.

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Well we can't let this pile of discarded fur go to waste, now can we? Via sofuckingfabulous/Imgur
Chrissa Hardy

When you get a haircut, there’s always a pile of freshly cut hair on the floor. Then it’s swept away, and off to the garbage it goes.

But the owner of a freshly groomed Shiba Inu decided to have a little fun with her pup’s discarded fur. Imgur user sof*ckingfabulous shared the photos of her dog wearing ridiculous wigs of her own fur, and the Internet fully embraced the silliness.

The best part is the progression of sass on the dog’s face when she realizes she’s become a wig model with fur that’s no longer attached to her body.

She starts out happy.

“This seems like fun!” Via sofuckingfabulous/Imgur

Then she starts to wonder what exactly is going on here.

“Is this a game we’re playing, or?” Via sofuckingfabulous/Imgur

Then she is absolutely NOT. AMUSED.

“OK. No. I’m done here.” Via sofuckingfabulous/Imgur

The pup might not be loving it, be we sure are.

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