Newborn Photo Shoot For Kitten Is Perfection

A cat baby took the place of an infant in a recent photo shoot, and the results are tender.

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You gotta see the baby. Via Storybook Moments/Facebook

Cat babies: as cute as the people kind.

One photographer gave a kitten the infant photo shoot treatment, and it came out as precious as any baby could be.

Cassie Borcherding of Storybook Moments photography photographed her little found stray kitten, Elsa, in the same style as a newborn photo shoot and posted the adorable pictures to Facebook. While the results are as cute, the kitten was a different kind of subject in a couple of ways.

She thinks she’s people. Via Storybook Moments/Facebook

“You have babies who are so much more fragile and require a lot of safety practices,” Borcherding told “The kitten was honestly so much easier. I just gave her a good tummy rub and she let me swaddle her, no problem.”

Like an adorable burrito with a fairy crown. Via  Storybook Moments/Facebook

Like an adorable burrito with a fairy crown. Via Storybook Moments/Facebook

Elsa had wandered into Borcherding’s life and the professional family photographer, with strong persuasion from her 4-year-old daughter, chose to keep the kitten. The toddler also requested a photo shoot, which was business as usual around the home.

“My daughter had asked me if I would take pictures of her kitty,” Borcherding said. “We often do photos of her dolls so the request wasn’t as outlandish as it seems.”

Precious moments. Via  Storybook Moments/Facebook

Precious moments. Via Storybook Moments/Facebook

Elsa was a great subject, as the pictures make clear.

“A newborn shoot can last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours,” Borcherding said. “Elsa’s shoot was 30 minutes. I didn’t do as much with her as I would a baby, but it was a lot easier.”

Sweet dreams, baby. Via  Storybook Moments/Facebook

Sweet dreams, baby. Via Storybook Moments/Facebook

A sad note: Elsa slipped out the door of the family’s home and hasn’t been seen in days. With the amount of attention the little kitten is getting, there’s hope that someone will find and return the tiny model.

“The reaction to the photos has been exciting, sad and overwhelming all at the same time,” Borcherding said. “I’m happy that I’ve warmed so many hearts, but I’m sad our little kitty isn’t here to share the excitement. I’m overwhelmed because I just didn’t expect such a reaction… but I can’t blame anyone for going crazy over these kitten photos; she is absolutely irresistible!”

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