New York’s Top Dogs Enjoy Exclusive Perks

The pampered dogs’ perks include private planes and custom-made dog clothes.

The New York Post reports Manhattan’s elite dogs enjoy a high level of veterinary care – not to mention plain old pampering.

Cindy Brussler, a Manhattan-based veterinarian whose clients include some of the city’s wealthiest celebrities and businesspeople, says she regularly makes $250 house calls.

She also told the paper that some clients will do anything to keep their dogs from having to visit a pet hospital – including buying $5,000 medical equipment for Brussler to use in the client’s home.

Brussler also says she has been flown to the homes of well-heeled clients in private planes, and has arranged for dogs to be flown by private helicopter to the city for care.

“Dogs are members of the family, and when money’s no object, they’ll stop at nothing for their well-being,” Brussler says.

The New York Post also reports that Cindy Adams, the paper’s high-profile gossip columnist, regularly spends big bucks on her dogs. The bestselling writer, who penned a popular book about her late dog, Jazzy, pays seamstresses to custom-fit the clothing of her two Yorkshire Terriers, Jazzy Jr. and Juicy, so the dogs can look their best on the red carpet – and on high-style play dates with Ivana Trump’s Yorkie, Tiger, and Ralph Lauren’s Yorkie, Bikini.

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