New Yorkers and Their Cats

It's obvious that folks in the Big Apple love their cats.

Fudge “saw” in the new year sitting on Michael’s chest with her back to the TV. She was so in his face that he couldn’t see what was happening in Times Square either.  Thank goodness for the stop and rewind buttons so I could replay what I considered the highlight of the evening.

There, in the middle of a million people reveling in the rain and the snow was a man with a cat perched on the top of a top hat!

The cameraman was obviously a cat person because he got the man, named Todd, on camera to introduce his cat,  Nicholas.

Although she loves people and is quite sociable when friends come over, I can’t ever imagine Fudge climbing onto a hat and chilling in a huge crowd. It must be fabulous to have a cat that is that cool and laid-back!

I would love to find this guy and get to know how he trained his feline to be so comfortable around such large crowds.

This is a long shot, but does anybody out there know Todd and Nicholas?

And while I am hunting down New Yorkers, I was in the Petco on Times Square last September when a man named Peter won an in-store competition to fly to San Francisco with his cat for the weekend. He was so excited and thrilled at the idea of going somewhere, all expenses paid with his 18-year-old feline companion. Sadly, a little while later he came back in the store and said his boss wouldn’t give him time off!

I have tried unsuccessfully to track him down, too. The competition organizers no longer have the information and the store manager says that so many people come through the doors daily that he couldn’t help me.

So does anyone out there know a man named Peter? I think he was in the plumbing business. If we can connect, Fudge and I may have a surprise for him.

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