New York Seeks to Limit Ownership of Intact Dogs

Two pieces of legislation relate to cat and dog breeders and their operations.

Legislation relating to the registration and regulation of animal breeders, as well as limits on intact cats and dogs has been introduced in the New York State Senate.

The first of two measures, Senate Bill 4515, requires the registration and regulation of animal breeders; requires each to be licensed; and creates a breeders licensing fund. The act includes the following provisions:

  • Defines “breeder” as any person who breeds three or more animals for sale per year for profit. A person defined as “breeder” will be required to get a breeder license annually. The definition exempts duly incorporated humane societies dedicated to the care of unwanted animals.
  • Animals’ primary enclosures or cages are required to be built in a structurally sound manner, and they must be maintained in good repair to keep the animal housed inside and protect it from injury.
  • Breeders must, at their expense, have a New York state licensed veterinarian at a minimum of six month intervals inspect his or her records, grounds and animals to ensure compliance with the provisions.

The second measure, Senate Bill 4690, relates to the definition of pet dealers and also provides that no person or business who buys, sells or offers dogs or cats for sale to the public or at wholesale shall possess or own more than 50 dogs or cats with intact sexual organs. The act includes the following provisions:

  • Expands the current definition of “pet dealer” to include any person who engages in the sale or offering for sale of more than nine animals per year for profit at wholesale or to the public, including breeders who sell animals directly to consumers or at wholesale.
  • Allows any police officer or agent or officer of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to seize any animals kept in violation of the proposed 50 dog limit, provided that certain due process requirements are met.
  • Limits any person from owning more than 50 dogs and cats with intact sexual organs.
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