New Year’s Resolutions for Cat Owners

A survey says charity, exercise and grooming top dog and cat owners? resolutions.

Nearly 95% of pet owners plan to help dogs and cats in need in 2012 and nearly 90% plan to exercise and groom their own pets more in the new year, according to Tampa, Fla.-based pet food maker Halo, Purely for Pets “Pets Parents’ New Year’s Resolution Survey,” which polled 1,045 dog and cat owners between Dec. 21 and Dec. 23.

Of those pet owners, 94.1% reported planning to help “pets in need,” according to the survey, with 69.8% planning to donate to a rescue or a shelter; 65.6% planning to continue whatever they already did; 45.5% planning to play on Halo-sponsored and websites to earn kibble for shelters; 11.5% reporting plans to adopt a new pet; and 11.5% planning to foster an animal.

Nearly 90% of pet owners (88.7%) reported planning to help their dogs and cats get more exercise in the coming year. Of those, 68.3% reported planning to play with their pets more, 62.4% reported planning to walk with their pets more, 30.3% reported planning to find a new game to play and 20.2% planned to go to the dog park more often, according to the survey. Also, 2.9% reported planning to take a Doga class and 1.9% reported planning to “get into extreme sports.”

Nearly 90% of the surveyed pet owners (86.8%) reported planning to groom their pets more regularly. Of those, 80.3% reported plans to brush their pets more regularly, 68.1% planned to trim their pets’ nails more regularly, 52.7% planned to bathe their pets more regularly, 50.1% planned to brush their pets’ teeth more often, 35.5% planned to start giving their pets coat and skin supplements, and 33.2% planned to start using “natural grooming products,” according to the survey.

Other survey findings included 69.4% of dog and cat owners planning to feed their pets higher quality food, 48.1% planning on teaching their pets new tricks in the coming year, and 45.9% planning to help their pets lose weight, according to the survey.

Of those planning to help their pets lose weight, 68.7% reported they planned to do so by getting their pet more exercise, 44.8% said they planned to feed a higher-quality pet food, 35.1% planned to feed less food, 34% planned to give fewer treats, 33% planned to give more nutritious treats, and 10.9% planned to develop a weight loss program with their veterinarian.

More than one-third (35.5%) of the surveyed pet owners owned both cats and dogs, 38.4% owned only dogs, and 26.1% owned only cats.

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