New Sugar Glider Checklist

Use this checklist of things to get before bringing a new sugar glider home.

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Sugar gliders should have nesting boxes and/or sleeping pouches. Via Arnold T. Schwartzenglider/Flickr
Audrey Pavia
  1. A large, tall, well-ventilated cage, no smaller than 36 by 24 by 36 inches for one to two sugar gliders
  2. Climbing branches, hanging toys, ladders, bells and swings
  3. Multiple nesting boxes and/or sleeping pouches (including an extra one for training and aid in transporting your sugar glider)
  4. A bonding pouch
  5. Recycled paper or aspen shavings for bedding. You can also use shredded, unbleached paper towels.
  6. Several small mammal water bottles, hanging food containers and one or more solid-floored plastic hamster exercise wheels.
  7. A secure small mammal carrier to transport your sugar glider.
  8. Commercially prepared sugar glider diets or appropriate homemade sugar glider recipes, vitamin and mineral supplements. Fresh vegetables and fruits
  9. Crickets, mealworms or other feeder insects
  10. Vitamin and mineral supplements designed for sugar gliders. If not available, use a multi-vitamin and mineral product for cats, dogs or reptiles that contains calcium but no phosphorus.
  11. Nail clippers designed for cats or human babies
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